US Army 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion (1942 -1945)Photo

                                                           Battery B prepares to mount up somewhere in Belgium



Combat Journal and Battalion Commander's Narratives

62nd Reunion of the 62nd

61st Reunion of the 62nd AFA Bn

REUNIONS of the 62nd AFA Bn. Assn.

62nd History LINKS:

Fifth Field Artillery Group in North Africa

Fifth Field Artillery Group in Sicily

Defense of the Monschau Sector

62nd in Monschau - Sixth Panzer attack

wartime memories project

Col. Donald V. Bennett

62nd's Parent Unit - 82nd Field Artillery Regiment

Video of Interview of 62nd Members at the 59th Reunion

WW II Photos of the 62nd Soldiers

WW II Photo Portraits

WW II Photos submitted by Cloyd Barnes' son, Tom Barnes

Video interview of PFC James Weller

Books about the 62nd

My Life in the Army 1936 to 1942, by Jerry W. Eades

Jerry Eades, Battery B, Arlington, Texas

Jerry Eades Oral History Links to Horse Artillery and D Day

Paul Harrington's Army Memoirs

M7 Preist

George Brinckley - Snowball Fight in London 1944 " The Battle of Hyde Park"
Truman Mulberry Scrapbook

Veteran, Maj. Paul Harrington flies L3 after 65 years

Newspaper Article on Paul Harrington's Flight

Patton 360 - History Channel Documentary with 62nd in Tunisia and Sicily

Youtube video of 1930's horse artillery in review

Video of Royal Horse Artillery in London Clydesdales got nothing on these guys!

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